Save & Invest with your Waste.

Improper disposal of waste is a common sight in Nigeria and the proliferation of plastic waste is worsening the matter everyday as more plastic waste waste ends up in the drainage & landfills everyday causing more problems to the environment.

We’ve decided to contribute our quota to ensuring a cleaner & greener Nigeria by encouraging people to be more responsible with the way they dispose of their waste by enabling them save & invest with their recyclable waste. In order to make this work, we partnered with Weklyn, a waste management startup that enables individuals & businesses earn from the waste they produce by enabling them sell their recyclable waste directly to recycling outfits via their online & offline platforms.

Below’s How to Save & Invest with your Recyclable Waste:

  • Request a waste pickup from the Weklyn website or simply take your recyclable waste to the Weklyn office premises.
  • After assessing the cash value of your recyclables, simply request the Weklyn team to credit your Jattat wallet with the cash value of your recyclables by giving them your Jattat username.
  • The Weklyn team will forward the details to us & within 24 hours we’ll credit your Jattat wallet with the cash value of your recyclables.
  • You can then either save it in your wallet or use it to make an investment on our platform.

Cans, pure water sachets, cartons, paper, nylon bags, bottles, etc. are examples of recyclable waste. For a breakdown of the cash value of each recyclable waste kindly head over to the Weklyn website.

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