Food sufficiency and security is a major problem facing most developing countries including Nigeria. In the case of Nigeria, we face the following problems:

  1. High cost of food items.
  2. Lack of access to markets or lack of effective distribution channels for farmers.
  3. Lack of transport, storage & preservation facilities for farmers.

These and more are some of the issues facing farmers in Nigeria and according to statistics over 40% of farm produce is lost during the post harvest process in Nigeria. Uduaa has decided to solve these problems by building a platform that connects farmers to their markets via its online and offline marketing channels.

Jattat is simply a platform that enables individuals invest in agriculture in Nigeria by enabling them finance the post harvest process of agriculture(procuring, transportation, temporary storage & distribution) that takes place on Uduaa. To place it better, Jattat was built to enable people finance Uduaa’s activities which centres around the post harvest process of getting farm produce from the farmers/producers to the final consumers or end users.

We’re leveraging on agriculture to provide a safe & profitable alternative investment option for investors. It’s a smarter safer way of having your money work for you while you go about your everyday activities.

Jattat & Uduaa are both products/brands of Apeiro Limited, a company duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with registration number Rc 1499916. The post-harvest process is comprehensively insured with Leadway Assurance with policy number CP190000049IF.

Interested in joining our community of investors who are passionate about eradicating hunger & ensuring a food secure & sufficient Nigeria, simply head over here to invest.

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