Featured Investor

Meet our featured investor – Unyime Bonero Bassey – CEO of Bonero Cakes & Event & the convener of Cakemania.

Can we meet you?

My name is Unyime Bonero; CEO of Bonero Cakes & Event & convener of Cakemania.

Where are you based & what do you do?

Am based in Uyo & am into cakes & events.

How did you know about Jattat?

Word of mouth.

Considering the fact that we’re pretty new; why did you invest with us?

The market is large and the risk is pretty zero.

How have we helped you invest & what’s your investment experience with us been like?

Investing with this platform is legit amazing. Didn’t only help me save but I also made massive profits in a short time.

Why would you recommend us to others?

Integrity is on point. Flexibility and no excuse in terms of timely cash out.

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