Frequently Asked Questions about Jattat.


What is Jattat?

Our mission is to make financial services easily accessible & affordable to Nigerians. We’re doing this via our diverse financial offerings including savings, investments, zero interest loans, etc.

Is Jattat Registered?

Jattat is duly registered as a cooperative society with registration number AK 25052. Jattat is also a product of Apeiro Limited RC 1499916.

How Safe is Jattat?

Jattat is built with high level security, data encryption and we adhere to the latest standards in financial security including SSL security.

We neither store nor transfer your card details on our platform. We work with a payment processor that is PCIDSS compliant (the highest form of security required by CBN) to process your card payments thereby ensuring safety.

Where's your physical location?

We’re located at 5 Udo Ekong Street off Big Daddy, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.


How does the Wallet Feature work?

The wallet is where returns on your investments are paid into. You can also securely save money in your wallet.

How do I Fund my Wallet?

Funds are automatically payed into your wallet at the expiration of your investment.

How do I Withdraw from my Wallet?

Simply input the amount you intend to withdraw together with the bank details you intend to withdraw to & we’ll manually do a transfer to it after appropriate verification.

What is the Minimum Amount I can Withdraw?

The minimum amount you can withdraw is N1,000

Can I Transfer Funds to Another User?

Yes you can transfer funds to another user.

Are there Transfer Charges?

Yes they are. We charge N5 for every transfer.

Are there Withdrawal Charges?

Yes they are. We charge N100 for every withdrawal.


How do I Invest?

Simply register, visit your dashboard, click on the investment link to see the available investment opportunities & proceed with your investment.

What are the Risks Involved?

Every investment comes with risk & for every investment listed on our platform we clearly state the risk involved in the description. However, to better manage risk we only list insured investments on our platform.

What does the Insurance Cover?

The insurance only covers your capital. In case of unforeseen circumstances resulting in losses, you’ll only be paid your initial capital.

How do I Withdraw my Funds when they're Due?

Funds will be paid into your wallet when its due. You can then withdraw it from your wallet or proceed to reinvest it.

What's the Minimum & Maximum Account I can Invest with?

The minimum investment amount is N20,000 while the maximum amount varies per sponsorship.

How Long does an Investment Tenure Last?

The duration of an investment varies per investment offer.

Can I Liquidate my Investment Anytime?

No you can’t liquidate your investment until the maturity date.

Rotational Savings/Esusu

How does the Esusu work?

Esusu also called rotational savings is a system where individuals come together to make a standard contribute once per time period. The total funds are then disbursed to one member of the group. The recipient changes each time until everyone in the group receives.

We’ve built a secure digital platform to facilitate this with an extra layer of protection to ensure the smooth running of the thrift without the usual problems that always accompany traditional thrifts.

Are there any Charges?

We take 10% of every contribution as insurance. At the end of a successful thrift cycle without any defaults, we’ll reimburse the participants 5% & keep 5% as administrative fees.

What Happens if I can't Make my Contribution as at when Due?

You’ll be charge a 0.5% default fee on the default amount.

What happens to other participants if i can't meet up my contribution as at when due?

Where one or two participants fail to contribute as at when due, we’ll take from the 10% & make payment thereby ensuring everything works smoothly.

What happens if at the end of the contribution cycle I still can't meet up my contribution?

We’ll forward your details to the Credit Bureau & we won’t hesitate to take necessary legal actions against you.

How long does a contribution last?

The duration of a thrift cycle depends on the amount of people involved & the time involved. The maximum duration for a thrift is one year.

Can I pull out of a thrift anytime?

No you can’t pull out until the cycle is over.