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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Jattat?

Jattat is a platform implemented by Apeiro Limited to enable individuals finance the post harvest process of agriculture whic

What is Uduaa & what's the connection between Uduaa, Jattat & Apeiro Limited?

Uduaa is a platform that enables farmers get their items to market on time by providing an online & offline platform where people can buy foodstuffs & agricultural produce at the best price possible.

Jattat is a platform that’s built to enable individuals finance the post harvest activities of Uduaa(procuring, transportation, temporary storage & onward distribution to the end users).

Uduaa & Jattat are both products/brands of Apeiro Limited RC 149916.

What is Minimum & Maximum Investment Amount?

The minimum investment amount is N50,000 while the maximum amount is N10,000,000.

Can I Visit your Office/Warehouse?

Yes please! Feel free to walk in during our official hours.

Are your operations insured?

The post harvest process is comprehensively insured by Leadway Assurance with Policy No. CP190000049IF to ensure the safety of your capital in event of unforeseen circumstances. The insurance covers only your invested capital and not your profits.

How do I get my money back at the end of my investment?

You’ll receive a bank transfer from Apeiro Limited on the due date. If you don’t receive your money after 72 hours, kindly call us/message us on Whatsapp or send us an email.

Can I cancel my investment at anytime?

No you can’t; you can only get your funds back at the end of your investment tenure. When your funds are returned back to you at the end of your investment you can choose to either reinvest or not.

I have more questions I need answers to.

Kindly reach out to us via email contact@jattat.com or call/whatsapp us on 08122319966 or 08184724232(Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm); we’d be glad to hear from you.

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